Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kiss of Death by Rachel Caine

This is the eigth book in the Morganville Vampire series. It helps to have read the others in the series before reading this one, however, this one can almost stand on its own.

After Amelie and her minions defeat Bishop, the town of Morganville is slowly getting back to normal. Of course normal in Morganville is not normal anywhere else. Morganville is a town of vampires and humans. Their is also a university, but they stay within the gates, and don't know the real Morganville.

Clare and her group of friends are under the protection of Amelie. Claire's friends consist of Eve, a beautiful Goth girl, Michael Glass, a vampire and Eve's boyfriend, and Shane, Claire's boyfriend.

Before being turned into a vampire, Michael had a promising future as a singer. Now, he has received the call he has been waiting for; a chance to cut a demo in Dallas. The only way they are allowed to leave town is if Oliver, the towns meanest Vamp, comes as their chaperone.

Of course this crew of people can't go anywhere without trouble following. Their first bit of trouble comes in the form of outsider vamp Morley, who is trying to get out from being under Amelie's rule. They end up in a town being chased by "sick" townspeople.

In the end, help comes from the most unlikely place.

It is amazing that after seven previous books, they series is still good. The characters of Claire and her friends are very entertaining. They have stayed consistent throughout all the books. This story line is a great way for Caine to spread out her story.

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