Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jekel Loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey

How much do the secrets of our anscestors affect life today?

Jill Jekel is a shy smart girl whose father was murdered. After his death, rumors of his thievery, experimentation and deception affect Jill and her mother.

Tristen Hyde is a good looking intelligent violent loner. Tristen feels his ancestoral beast legacy growing inside him. He has some deep dark secrets; and is chocked when he discovers his psychoanalyst father has some beastly secrets of his own.

Can Jill and Tristen work together to tame that beast that is both Jill and Tristen's legacy?

Using the story of Jeykell and Hyde, Fantaskey creates an intriguing love story. Just when you suspect the story is ending, surprising plot twists pull you further into the story. Watching the struggle the characters go through unfold really makes it hard to put this book down without finishing it in one sitting.

Somewhat disturbing dreams intertwined with slight graphic violence make this book appropriate for mature readers (14 and up).

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