Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

I had seen this book awhile ago on my friends bookshelf. I have never really gotten into the werewolf stories, so I was not planning on reading it. Then one of the ladies I went to ALA with was raving about this book and could not wait to read the next in the series Linger. I luckily got an ARC of Linger, so of course I had to read Shiver first.

I had no idea what I was missing!

As a young child Grace was dragged from her porch swing by hungry wolves. She was saved by a lone wolf who protected her. As she was growing up she looked forward to winter time when she know the wolves would be back. She felt a tie to them that she did not understand. She would oftern feel "her wolf" watching her and felt him howling for her. 

When she is in high school, her friend Olivia, a budding photographer, captures pictures of the wolves. Grace sees her wolf and, for the first time, he allows her to touch him. She is mesmerized by his golden eyes.Then a classmate of theirs, Jack, is killed by the wolves. The town's men decide to get rid of all the wolves; Grace finds out and tries to stop the hunt. As she goes back to her house, she finds a bleeding boy on her porch. He has the golden eyes of her wolf and then she knows...it's him.

She learns his secret. A secret that she feels bound to keep. Bound by the wolf pack. Then Jack's sister starts asking questions. Olivia pulls away from Grace, and has secrets of her own to keep. Sam and Grace relish the time they have together, as the weather gets colder, and as Sam's inner wolf tries to escape.

If you enjoyed the love story of the Twilight Saga, this series of books will enthrall you. I am halfway through Linger, and will blog about that next week.



  1. Might have to look into it this summer~!

  2. I enjoyed this book too. I am waiting to get my hands on "Linger." Looking forward to your review of book 2!

  3. Sounds terrific! Hope I can read it this summer.