Thursday, October 17, 2013

No easy way out

No Easy Way Out

Dayna Lorentz' second installment in this series is just as engaging as the first. No Safety in Numbers introduced to a group of people who get caught in a disasterous situation. They all thought they were going to have a wonderful Saturday at the mall, but ended up being quarantined in the mall after being exposed to a biological bomb.

In No Easy Way Out everyone seems to have accepted the fact that they may be there awhile. The riots are over, and the Senator is trying to create order out of the chaos. There are assigned jobs, homes and duties. Of course, there are some rebels. The senator wants to keep the teen rebels in order so enlists the aid of one of them to help her keep tabs. But things against the new order are still happening? Is it just the teenagers? Or are there other factions out there?

Who can be trusted?

I recommend, of course, reading the first book. This book reminded me of a modern day Lord of the Flies. Fans of Susan Beth Pfeffer will enjoy this book. There is some violence and sex, but it does not detract or over power the story.

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