Sunday, June 3, 2012

School's out for Summer!

I am officially out of school. It is funny how during the school year it seems like time just crawls, but when school is over, it is amazing how fast time went. I think part of it may be that my baby graduated 5th grade. I no longer have any Elementary children!
Both my girls are now in middle school and turning into teenagers!

I am hoping to do lots of reading and writing this summer!

It is always said that the TV is a mind number and it is so true! I know that I can have the best intentions of doing something like working out or reading a book and the second the tv is turned on, I just sit and watch. It is so easy to turn it on, but so hard to turn it off! Even when I know this and think about it, it still makes it hard! I am making a resolution to myself that I won't turn on the TV. That way I know I will have some time to think and write at least until my family wakes up.

Well, onto writing my next review.

Check it out!

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