Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Nest for Celeste by Henry Cool

What a cute story! Celeste is an industrious mouse who likes to weave baskets. She is picked on by two mean rats who want her to get them food. Finding food in the Oakley Plantation located near New Orleans, requires a watchful eye for the cat.

Celeste ends up making a home in the show of Joseph, the young apprentice of the artist John Audubon. Joseph shows Celeste kindness. They develop a friendship; Joseph even draws a portrait of Celeste.When Joseph gets hur, Celeste thinks only of going someplace safe, of going home. Celeste ends up going on an adventure outside of the house and meets many new friends along the way.

As the summer is ending, she realizes Joseph will be leaving. She had found such comfort being with him, that she starts to question whether it is worthwhile to make a friend even though they have to leave at some point. She comes to realize that friendship is an important part of the place in which you live feeling like home.

This book is appropriate for new chapter book readers and would make a great read aloud. The pen and pencil drawings throughout the book are very detailed and pull the reader into the story. This book would be a great family read aloud.

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