Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So many books...

Since I have become a high school librarian I have read so many books! It is wonderful to be able to read wonderful young adult literature.
Of the ones I have read, I am going to write about the ones I can remember right now.

Please Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock

In this book, a boy decides that he is going to kill his ex-best friend and then kill himself. He goes to school with his grandfather's Nazi pistol. The thing that struck me the most with this book was how all the warning signs were there. He gave presents to people who meant a lot to him, he drastically changed his appearance, he kept telling people "Good-bye". This book was really touching and I highly recommend it to all teachers! 


A great dystopian novel about what happens when we genetically alter our genes. First generations live to be a ripe old age, but their children and children's children die early. Girls die when they reach the age of 20 and boys die when they reach the age of 25.
Rhine is stolen to be the bride of a man whose father is a first generation. She befriends the first wife and the "sister wives". Then she falls in love with the servant Gabriel and they make a plan to run away.
I have just started the sequel.